Thursday, 21 January 2010

Body MOT

I didn't go down the route that most people go down after a break up, I didn’t get a drastic new hair cut, buy a new wardrobe or hit the gym, I just kind of gave myself a bit of a Body MOT
I did all the stuff I'd been meaning to get done for ages but was too busy to do before Christmas.

The week I got back home I got my fringe trimmed as it was about an inch too long and Mum coloured it for me on Sunday as my roots were about 3 inches long!
I bought a new handbag, top and belt while I was in Holland but that’s about it clothing wise.
I did contemplate doing some exercise and have been meaning to jump on the Wii-Fit at some point but haven't actually got around to it yet. I have lost weight but I think that’s mainly due to cutting out bread and also being so busy at work and at home that I'm not getting a chance to snack, its also quite possibly helped by the fact that chocolate (and infact anything dairy) now makes me feel sick.

My parents got me vouchers for the beauticians for Christmas and I went to get my eyebrows waxed last week, I get my eyebrows waxed every few weeks but last time I decided to be brave and book myself in for a full leg and bikini wax.
So last night I headed off to the place that will from now on be referred to as 'The Torture Chamber'. I'd been chatting to my friend at work about how it couldn't be that painful because lots of people get it done and I'd kinda convinced myself it wouldn’t be too bad.

Please take a moment to understand that apart from eyebrow waxing and some of those rubbishy Boots own brand leg waxing strips I have never had anything like this done before...

...OMFG it hurts!!

Not so much the leg part, that wasn’t too bad but the bikini line part is horrendous, well its horrendous for about 30seconds after its been ripped off and then it kinda fades to a dull ache, then its just the anticipation of knowing its going to happen again a few seconds after...

...The beautician promises me that the first time is always the worst and after that the hair grows back weaker and is easier to wax...someone please tell me she's not lying?!?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Stories and Songs Meme / Reason why I know it'll be ok #1

Brits in Bosnia has created a 'Stories and songs Meme'
What I'm after is a song that reminds you of something, that has a story for you. Not necessarily your favourite song or a even a song that you love, but a song that instantly takes you back to that time and place.
My favourite song of all time is 'Years From Now' by Dr.Hook. It has been one of my favourite songs for as long as I can remember and it always reminds me of  being on holiday when I was younger. We never used to be able to afford to fly to go on holiday so we spent a few summers driving down to my Nan and Grandads house in France, we used to play the same cassette tapes in the car for years and from a young age Natalie and I knew all the words to The Beautiful South-Carry on up the Charts tape, Simply Red-Fairground album and Dr.Hook-Greatest Hits.

This song is just perfect, beautifully arranged and sang and lovely words- it was supposed to be the song for my first dance at my wedding and everytime I'd listened to it for the past year or so I could picture that moment in my mind...when that all changed at Christmas I was worried I'd never be able to listen to this song again.

I was sitting in my office last night with iTunes on random and it came on without me realising, I was half way through singing along before I realised what it was, I stopped to think for a second almost expecting myself to get upset but I didn't, I was actually really happy.

"Years from now, I'll want you years from now
And I'll hold you years from now, as I love you tonight

You are my one true friend, always my one true friend
And I'll love you 'til life's end, as I love you tonight

I know this world that we live in can be hard now and then
And it will be again, many times we've been down
But still love has kept us together, the flame never dies
When I look in your eyes, the future I see

Wanting you years from now, and holding you years from now
And loving you years from now, as I love you tonight

I know this world that we live in can be hard now and then
And it will be again, many times we've been down
Still love has kept us together, the flame never dies
When I look in your eyes, the future I see

Wanting you years from now, and holding you years from now
And loving you years from now, as I love you tonight"

I thought it would remind me of the wedding that wouldn't be happening and the life thats changed so much, but it didn't, it made me realise that I will get that special day eventually and one day this song will mean as much to the special person that I'll share it with as it does to me.

I don't think anything can ruin this song for me and thats one of the best feelings ever, knowing that there are always going to be little things that make me happy is one of the reasons why I know everything will be ok.

Thank you for thinking up such a great Meme Brits in Bosnia

Friday, 15 January 2010

Favourite Photos Friday - I love boxes!

I love boxes!
What more of an explanation do you need than that?

 Oh ok then,
This is a picture of me and my uncle probably taken in late 1989 or early 1990, I found a box I like to play in so he carried me around in it all day.

Even now I still love boxes, I got very excited when I got given a box of boxes recently. I was stressing out about how to package items for a craft fair and the day was saved by these perfect sized, white wonders :-)

I Love Boxes!!!

Yes, I am slightly strange...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Come on world! What else you got to throw at me?

I was doing ok up until last night.
I'd been spending my time relaxing and catching up with friends (which is my excuse for not doing a post!) and generally taking each day as it came. 
Went over to mum and dads last night for dinner and mum said she had had some bad news, my cousin had died.

He was Canadian but lived in Vietnam and even though I've only met him once or twice it had really upset me. We're a very close family even though we're spread out across the world we all keep up with what’s going on through things like facebook. I'd only been looking through his photos a few weeks ago. 
What feels worse though is wondering what his parents must be going through, he was actually my mums cousin, so he was my 2nd cousin really but he was closer to my age than my mums, his parents are my great aunt and uncle. My great aunt has just had eye surgery and so she cant fly for a good few weeks, which means my great uncle will have to fly to Vietnam on his own, I can't even begin to imagine how hard that’s going to be for him and feels helpless that there’s nothing I can say or do. 

RIP Dean
You are loved very much and will be missed.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Favourite Photos Friday

After doing Tara's photo Meme the other day I'd found so many great photos that I loved that I thought I'd share them with you other the next few Fridays. So without further ado I give you my first 'Favourite Photo Friday'

Me and my Dad-1989-I was probably a year or so old and Dad was 25/26
I love how fluffy my hair was!
I also love baby photos (maybe because I'm jealous of all the mummy bloggers pics of their children) so be prepared for more of MissSearles the Early Years in the coming weeks...

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My Favourite Photo Meme

Natalie and I at Colchester Zoo in 2005-Pulling an elephant

So here it is, my first Meme!!
Tara over at Sticky Fingers has created a photo Meme and I've spent a few days looking through my photos to decide on my favourite one.

There were lots to choose for (which I'm saving for other posts) but this was the one that stood out as the one that's most important to me at the moment. It's of Natalie and I at Colchester zoo in 2005, I would have been 16 and she would have been 13.
I love this photo because it shows her doing exactly what she's doing for me now, supporting me while im trying to pull the weight of an elephant...metaphorical elephant of course. She's been there for me 100% the past few weeks and I love her so much for it.
 So here's what you have to do- read the rules below and visit Tara and let her know once your done !

What is your favourite photograph. And why?
It's as simple as that.
It can be your wedding day, your children, walking in the park/on a beach/hand in hand. It can be your backgarden on a frosty morning, a holiday photo, the day you met someone famous, the day you met your other half.
It can be a lost relative, a family gathering, a picture of you in your youth.
Post it, say why it's your fav then invite someone else to do the same.

I'm not going to tag anyone in particular so take this as an open invitation to anyone who reads to take part in this Meme!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Monday, 4 January 2010

Blogosphere Appreciation

I've decided to do a little post to say Thank You to all the other Bloggers in the Blogosphere who have helped me out.

One of the first blogs I started reading was Sticky Fingers by the lovely Tara.
Tara was kind enough to answer my emails full of questions when I first ventured into having my own blog, she gave me some great tips and pointers and also introduced me to some other great blogs-one of them being...

...The one and only Jo Beaufoix!
I'm a bit of a blog stalker and if I find one I really like I will make the effort to read all through the archives-this means that I also have a tendency to comment on old posts (I'm talking a few years old not weeks!) Jo would often reply to comments I'd added on her older posts and has been a great friend to me and offered words of advice and encouragement when I emailed her the other week about my sudden 'single' status.

Paper-and-string is one of the first Craft blogs I started reading and it has really inspired me to make this blog into a mixture of a day to day and a craft blog.
Sara is so creative and I love how colourful her blog is, I've emailed her on a few occasions asking for help on some technical and copyright bits and pieces and she's always been really willing to help me out.

So here's a big Thank You to Tara, Jo and Sara!
If you've never seen their blogs before you should pop over and check them out

I'd also like to add a Thanks to everyone who has followed my threads and offered their best wishes and support on the CraftsForum it has really been appreciated especially during the last week or two.

Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year, New Start, New Life!

Am I prepared?
Not sure really, things are still up in the air with home at the moment but I've promised not to think to much about it whilst in Holland, luckily I've got a very supportive family and wonderful friends waiting for me when I get home. I've also got alot of support from my friends here in the blogosphere.

There are big plans for MissSearles this year, the person and the business. For starters the business name is changing to 'MissSearles Creations' and will be re-launching again soon with new designs and products. Lots of new ideas in my head which I can't wait to get started on!

As for the person, I'm going to take more time for myself-make an effort with my appearance more, do things I enjoy, seeing friends and cutting myself some slack if things go wrong. Last year, and the past few years if I'm honest, I've been so busy keeping other things and other people afloat and happy that I haven't had time for me.
I'm also going to try and remember that my life is not set to a time limit and to take each day as it comes-If I ever seem to be forgetting that be sure to remind me!

Am I excited?
As Lorelai would say
"I am Kayak, Hear me roar!"

Here's to a year of new beginnings, bigger plans and better times!