Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Come on world! What else you got to throw at me?

I was doing ok up until last night.
I'd been spending my time relaxing and catching up with friends (which is my excuse for not doing a post!) and generally taking each day as it came. 
Went over to mum and dads last night for dinner and mum said she had had some bad news, my cousin had died.

He was Canadian but lived in Vietnam and even though I've only met him once or twice it had really upset me. We're a very close family even though we're spread out across the world we all keep up with what’s going on through things like facebook. I'd only been looking through his photos a few weeks ago. 
What feels worse though is wondering what his parents must be going through, he was actually my mums cousin, so he was my 2nd cousin really but he was closer to my age than my mums, his parents are my great aunt and uncle. My great aunt has just had eye surgery and so she cant fly for a good few weeks, which means my great uncle will have to fly to Vietnam on his own, I can't even begin to imagine how hard that’s going to be for him and feels helpless that there’s nothing I can say or do. 

RIP Dean
You are loved very much and will be missed.


  1. My thoughts are with you hunni *hugs*

    What a truly awful time for you and your family.

    RIP Dean