Monday, 21 June 2010

I know I'm a pain in the arse but its why you love me isnt it?!

Ok...don't get upset or annoyed, its not the end of the world...but I'm leaving...I've fallen in love with someone(something) else...Wordpress to be exact.

Those of you that know me well know that I form new loves/obsessions quickly and have a habit of chopping and changing my mind but this time its for a good reason I promise!
It's because of this post that I wrote a few weeks ago.
On Thursday it'll be 6 months since Xmas eve (most of you probably know what happened but for those that don't you can get the jist of it here)
And on Friday I'm off on holiday, hopefully to relax, re-group and close a door on the past 6 months.

This blog has been good to me, its created new friendships and served it purpose, it was supposed to be a way to help me get through things and have somewhere to vent and now I am happy and confident again and on Friday I will be able to say I've well and truly got my sparkle back (if this is confusing you then you really should read this post-it explains all things sparkly I promise) 

To get to the point-my blog is moving to Wordpress and a new web address

I'm not deleting this blog, I still want it here I just wont be writing on it anymore.
To put it simply (and a bit mushy) this blog is one chapter of my life that has now come to an end, I've hurt, I've healed and I'm ready to start over with a new chapter as a new MissSearles.

If you would be so kind as to change to the new address for Google Reader and stuff like that (that is assuming that people actually subscribe to me...) and come by and say Hello when I post Thursday panicking that I'm not at all organised for going away I would be a very happy lady :-)

See you in a few days in my new sparkly corner of the blogosphere!
Lots of love (a new) MissSearles
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