Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Greatest ever...yummy invention?

As I was geekily perusing the Firebox website on my lunch break I saw the word 'chocolate', as someone who doesn't eat chocolate anymore (dairy makes my feel very ill) I am inexplicably drawn to anything that mentions it, yes I am a child/easily distracted.

Theses interesting looking thingies are 'Le Whif Chocolate Inhalers'
a lipstick-like inhaler that delivers a powdery hit of chocolate or coffee...Simply place it between your lips, breathe in and savour the ‘phsssht’ moment as your tongue is showered with heavenly micro-particles.

Could this be the Greatest ever chocolate hit inducing, without it really being chocolate, invention ever?
I'm thinking a big fat chocolaty YES!!

**This is NOT a sponsored post I just wanted to show you my geeky findings...unless the lovely people at Firebox want to send me something to review, in which case it is possible that it could become a blog dedicated to gadgety goodness...**

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