Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tuesday To Do List

Today my head is full of mush, much in keeping with yesterdays post, so it seems like the perfect time to create 'Tuesday To Do List ' and try to form some of the mush into words, in a list, on my blog for all to see and make sure I get done.
Here's what I want to get sorted this week;
  1. Buy Travel insurance for Canada
  2. Sort out the paperwork/letters/bills in the overflowing letter rack
  3. Pack and send Secret Post club gift
  4. Handwash MSonT hoody
  5. Sort through the basket of clean washing that's sitting by my wardrobe..and maybe do some ironing
  6. MSonT - finish all info pages/finish drafting posts
  7. Work out the route for getting to Reading on Saturday for the #ReadingTweetUp
  8. Change address on car insurance
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