Monday, 10 May 2010

Adult ADHD?

I've written posts in the past about how sometimes I feel like I cant concentrate and have too much going on in my head. Then there was that one time when I couldn't actually remember what day it was and had no recollection of the few days prior.
I find it difficult to focus my thoughts sometimes and work on one project at a time, I'll often go off on tangents in conversation and have no idea what i was originally talking about. I have been known to end up crying in a heap on the floor (mainly when tired) because i cant work out what I'm supposed to be doing because my head feels too jumbled to think straight.
I don't do relaxing, I cant sit still for long enough to relax. If I'm sitting at my desk I'm either tapping my foot, swinging my legs and playing with a pen/rubber/band/phone cord.

I don't remember a time when I've ever been any different, definitely not in recent years anyway, and Ive always just put it down to being a bit crazy different hyperactive.

Good news though! Turns out I'm not the only one, in one of the rare moment where I actually focused for long enough to go through some of the unread posts in my google reader I saw that Slummy Single Mummy had written a post about Adult ADHD and it turns out shes just as brain power vs. time management-ly challenge as i am.
She posted a link to a highly scientificial and quite obviously definitive quiz and being the hypochondriac that I am I raced over to get my diagnosis.
(FYI Slummy Single Mummy scored 70 on this test)

If you scored…  You may have…
70 & up             Adult ADHD

50 – 69              Moderate ADHD

35 – 49              Mild ADHD

25 – 34              Borderline ADHD

0 – 24                No ADHD likely

Umm...yeah...I scored 85!
But look at the pretty badge I get

Serious ADHD Likely!

Lately it's been getting me more and more stressed out that I can't focus on things or I just simply don't get things done, but I have a plan!!

This, my bloggy pals, is where you come in.
Every week I am going to post a To Do list and I'm going to report back on how I'm getting on, it is your task to keep me in line, tell me off when I'm slacking/offer encouragement and cups of tea.

If I know theres people checking up on I'm more likely to get things done...I hope...oh well, guess its worth a try!

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