Friday, 14 May 2010

My brain has gone to squidge

I'm split between TGIF-looking forward to a weekend away at the #Reading Tweet-up and meeting other bloggers and the guest of honour Heather for the first time and OMFG it's Friday and I still have so much I wanted to get done on the MSOT blog and at home and just in general.
My brain has gone to a squidge like state, but it seems like the idea of using lists is working quite well, I've managed to cross the following of the Tuesday To Do List;
  1. Buy Travel insurance for Canada
  2. Sort out the paperwork/letters/bills in the overflowing letter rack Finals utilities bills from living in the old house have been paid,letters that need replying too have been put it priority order and paperwork has been shredded/filed
  3. Pack and send Secret Post club gift
  4. Handwash MSonT hoody All clean and ready for this weekend...smells very strongly of hand wash stuff though :-s
  5. Sort through the basket of clean washing that's sitting by my wardrobe..and maybe do some ironing Have picked out what I'm wearing for the Tweet-up and luckily it doesn't have to be ironed
  6. MSonT - finish all info pages/finish drafting posts
  7. Work out the route for getting to Reading on Saturday for the #ReadingTweetUp
  8. Change address on car insurance
I think it may be easiest if my life was just one big list from now on...oooo and maybe I need a schedule/routine too...I feel a spreadsheet coming on!!
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