Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Tale of Persistance, Tracey (my new bestfriend) and radioactive banana videocameras

*I should probably point out first, I love getting deliveries/post/anything, also, if I buy something online I want it to come on the day they say it will...im not patient, I cant help it, when it comes to things like this I am a complete child-its an endering quality, ont you think?*
A few weeks ago I ordered myself a Flip video camera, it was supposed to turn up in time for the #ReadingTweetup but it didn't.
It is quite possible that I may have sulked about it a tiny bit, I gave Misco a call and asked when I could expect it and they said the next Tuesday at the latest (not brilliant but fine as long as I get it before going to Canada it's cool)
Tuesday rolls around and nothing :(
Wednesday, nothing. Make a phone call 'we're expecting stock tomorrow, it will be with you in Friday' Hhmph, ok.
Friday....DHL main arrives but no packages for me, another phone call 'It will be with you Monday' Its ok I can be patient, Monday is fine.
Monday....Nothing :( Too lazy to call again so send an email (it is also possible that I may have been harassing the lovely customer service people about the stock delivery via email...maybe) Reply 'Having problem obtaining stock from manufacturer' :(
Tuesday - Another phone call to customer services, got to speak to the lovely Tracey who is now my best friend...
Me- 'Hello, Ive called a few times over the past few weeks and keep getting told different dates for stock delivery on this item, are there any updates?'
Misco-'Hiya, actually I think I took your call last week about this! I'll just have a look for you...Oh..umm it's kinda outta stock until August...'
Me - 'Nooooooooo!!! Any chance there are any others in stock, other colours, anything??'
Misco - 'Hang on a sec...we do have some but they're more expensive (next model up)...and yellow..'
Me - 'How much more expensive?'
Misco - 'About £15'
Me - 'hmmm..how yellow? Banana yellow or Hi-vis jacket yellow?'
Misco - 'Radioactive banana yellow...BUT I could probably adjust the price for you and have it to you tomorrow morning!'
Me - 'You would be my best friend in the whole wide world if you could do that!!' :)
Misco - 'Ok that's all done for you :)

So I now have a new best friend, a radioactive banana yellow Flip video camera on it's way and more than likely, a restraining order to stop me calling customer services again!
Cheers @Misco_UK
All is good with the world :)
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