Friday, 9 April 2010

Dear So and So...Saying Goodbye

Dear House,
I can't believe this day has come, after 20 years of being together, after this weekend I can no longer call you my Home.
It wasn't a decision that was taken lightly but it really is for the best.
You're the only Home I've ever really known and you've helped to create so many good memories and they can't ever be taken away from me but lately  things have become tainted with bad memories and that's why its time to move on.

I'm going to miss your quirks-the way the 4th and 5th stair really creak, the way you have to push my old bedroom door until it clicks to make sure its shut and things like knowing where someone is in the house just by the sounds the floor makes.
I'm going to miss the friends we have, the next door neighbour who's never missed one of our birthdays and always comes to sing Happy Birthday at the front door (no matter how old we are!) the ones that will always wave from the window if they see me walking up the road.
You've watched me grow-up, I learnt to ride my bike in our garden, do roly-polys in our front room, go under water in our bath, you listened as sung for hours on end practicing for concerts.

I really did believe I would be raising a family in you one day but its not something that can happen now, you'll get to be a home to someone else's children and watch them grow up now and you'll  make them just as happy as you've made me.

Thank you for being the only Home I have ever known and the best that I could have ever wanted.
I'm going to miss you,
Lots of love always
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