Friday, 16 April 2010

Four Follow Friday Picks

Four Follow Friday picks...

@tara_cain If you don't already know about 'The Gallery' (the weekly photo craze thats been sweeping the blogosphere) where the hell have you been?!? Tara is the visionary behind this amazing creation.Oh and she's rather lovely too :)

@notefromlapland Well what can I say about Heather?
Trouble maker - I have a blog label and hashtag dedicated to her #IblameHeather
Bitch - She said it herself!
One of my bestest Twitter/Bloggy friends

@nickie72 In her own words 'I have a bit of a stationery fetish obsession addiction...  erm... I love stationery' she has managed to rekindle my love of my Filofax and take a tiny (teeny tiny) step away from my dependance on my iPhone. For that fact alone she deserves respect...and lots of new followers!

 And last but by no means least 

 @SocratesN AKA SingleParentDad
.....he is also the founder of the 'Sexcel' Movement (he may suggest/offer v-lookups for anyone not feeling the Sexcel love)
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