Friday, 23 April 2010

The Greatest Ever...Idea

The story of my greatest ever idea starts like many of my other 'greatest idea' stories...early in the morning with a cup of tea in hand and without much thought put behind it.
Let me set the scene - it's the morning of my 22nd birthday, I was sitting on the edge of my bed in a towel after just getting out of the shower, cup of tea in hand when all of a sudden I had an amazing I did what any normal person does and announced the fact on Twitter

At that point in time it was only an idea, I had no kind of plan behind it all I'd thought of was the fact that
1. I thought it would be fun/funny
2. It would give me a chance to play around with a new blog
3. Its my birthday (kinda forgot that in the whole brilliant new idea excitement)

Although most of my brilliant ideas are almost always absolutely fool proof  *ahem* I thought I'd double check with someone first, so after a quick chat with Heather* (@notefromlapland), via the godsend that is Google Chat and her confirming that it is indeed one of my best ideas ever, I got to work.

After spending most of that day arseing about deciding if I should host it on my own domain or on Wordpress or where-ever I settled on good old Blogger, because its what I know and understand.
Or at least I thought it was what I knew and understood until I tried to add a new template and edit it - turns out I'm pretty crap when it comes to stuff like that so lovely Heather stepped in again and explained it all too me and that's how I've got to where I am at the moment!

* * * * * * *

The new blog is currently under construction and will be launched on the 8th May, certain items of extreme coolness and significance have been ordered, people have been contacted and plans are beginning to be made.

So keep an eye out in the next few weeks for little snippets about it on here and on Twitter.
Its all very exciting (and not just because I'm a geek) quite simply because....

is going

 * Great big thank you to Heather again for helping me with this-shes just as excited about it as me! Lol
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